The following API Solutions are available through CPaaS platform.




With SMS API, enterprises can quickly integrate reliable messaging into their application to get in touch with their customers across the globe.

Types of SMS Supported:

  • Notification

  • Reminders

  • Promotions

  • Transactions

  • OTP

  • 2FA

Key Features

  • Real-time Reporting over API

  • Priority Routing


  • Global Reach

  • Reliable

  • Scalable

  • Secure

  • Easy Integration


This API integrates easily with the enterprise system and workflows to authenticate customers and offer security. Digitization at its peak has resulted in increasing online frauds. Therefore, to neutralize such frauds, it is essential for enterprises to validate their customers whenever they login, perform transactions, and make changes to their account.

Key Features

  • Easy Integration

  • Optimum Routing

  • Multiple Retries

  • Real-Time Reports

  • TPS Support


  • Security

  • Authentication Monitoring

  • Fast and Scalable

  • Reliable

Transactional Voice API

Transactional voice calls are automated calls that play a pre-recorded message and deliver information on transactions in real-time to customers. These calls are important for enterprises to keep their customers updated about their transactions and ensure security. Transactional Voice API integrates easily with enterprise solution and replace the manual system with an automatic system to keep customers updated with critical information in real-time.


  • Security: Enterprises can ensure safe transactions for their customers with voice

  • Immediate Delivery: API can deliver configurable number of multiple messages simultaneously without any latency. Customers receive real-time notification of their transaction.

  • Real-Time Reports: The real-time reports enable enterprises to ensure great service experience for customers.


  • Reliable: The API supports multiple routes and retries to ensure timely delivery of the voice call.

  • Scalable: The solution is designed to support small scale business to large scale business without any latency.

  • Cost Effective: When enterprises replace their manual voice call system with automated API in their workflow, it results in significant cost saving for enterprises.

Promotional Voice API

Enterprises can reach their customers across the globe and connect with them to support and delight their customers.


  • Text to Speech: The advanced text-to-speech feature quickly converts text to human like voice and plays that to the customers. The support for regional language and accent enables enterprises to connect with their customers in their native language.

  • Personalized Experience: The dynamic placeholders for name, date, time, and other details empowers enterprises to personalize the customer experience.

  • Real-Time Reports: The campaign analytics available in real-time enable enterprises to improve their products, services, revenue.

  • Compliances: The platform is designed to ensure compliance with regulatory campaign and DND guidelines to enable hassle-free and quick launch of campaigns.


  • Quick Integration: Enterprises can easily integrate this API in their business flow and reach millions of customers instantly and easily.

  • Higher Conversion Rate: The personalized experience with real-time reporting enables enterprises to improve campaign conversation rate every time when they launch their campaigns.

  • Scalable: The platform is designed to cater to scale quickly to adopt to changing enterprise requirements.

Click to Call API

The Click to Call API solution is a strong customer connection tool for enterprises to connect with them at the right time at which they need to be supported. It can integrate with products and services to provide a call option in the workflow.

The Click to Call option allows customers to directly get in touch with an enterprise while using their products and services.

Key Features

  • Direct Connection: The Click to Call option directly connects

  • Real-Time Call Tracking:

  • Integration with Chabot:

  • Contextual Support:


  • Higher Conversion

  • More Sales

  • Easy Connection

  • Contextual Recommendations


The voice OTP API makes a call to the mobile number to verify that same mobile number through a secure voice channel. It plays a sequence of digits to the mobile number to be verified. Next, the mobile number enters the digits in the same sequence in which they are played to complete verification. Finally, after verification, the mobile number is allowed to complete the workflow for which it is authenticated.

Key Features

Instant Verification: The authentication calls are made instantly to verify mobile numbers.

Customizable Flow: Enterprises can add the tailor the OTP verification process in their workflow.

Quick Integration: The API can integrate quickly and easily with any existing software system.

Real-Time Reports: The reporting dashboard enables enterprise to monitor the OTP authentication processes in real-time empowering them control any potential threat or fraud


Scalable: The API can be scaled to generate and authenticate support large volume of OTPs simultaneously.

Guaranteed Delivery: The API is designed to deliver the voice OTP instantly without latency 99.99% times within 2 seconds.

Secure: The API send the voice OTP call to mobile numbers through a secure channel to ensure enterprise-grade security and protect the customers.

Email API

The API provides access to the comprehensive email campaign design features through a standardized developer interface and enables enterprises to design rich content emails.

Key Features

Easy Integration

High Availability

Reporting and Analytics

Targeted Campaigns

WhatsApp Business API

This API allows enterprises to engage with their users through WhatsApp.

Key Features

Easy Integration

Reporting and Analytics

Two-Way SMS Messaging

This API allows enterprises to create engaging two-way conversations by letting the customers reply to the SMS messages using a shortcode or long number.

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